Denver Internet Marketing Consultant

These days most companies have some sort of presence on the internet.  To succeed online, you need to get visitors to your site.  And not just any visitor, but someone who is searching for what you have to offer and is ready to commit to using your products or services.  You can achieve this goal only if your web presence is optimized using SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to narrow down your audience to those who are specifically looking for the goods or services you have to offer.  If your site is not structured properly and not optimized, it will get lost among all the other sites and all the effort you put into your website will do you no real good.  It’s important to work with an search engine marketing company that specializes in just that: Search Engine Optimization.  There are many firms out there that claim that they can do it all for you but the fact is is that unless you choose a digital marketing specialist who is just that– a specialist–you’re probably going to be wasting your advertising dollars.  As one of Denver’s top internet marketing consultants, our company works with precision to help bring extremely targeted traffic to your site.

The process is basically a three-part process:

1.)   Increased Rankings

At their most basic, our services will boost your position in the search engines.  This is important because we want to maximize the number of potential customers who will be exposed to your site and your services.  The top of the first page is always the ultimate goal and how easily that is achieved varies from industry to industry and depends on the search terms being targeted.  We work with firms to determine what are the most appropriate keywords (internet search terms) for their particular industry and their specific goals. We will then begin to target these industry-specific search terms so that they begin to rank on the top three search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As your website moves up in the rankings, your business will be exposed to more and more potential customers who can then be captured in your marketing funnel.  This is obviously critical for any website.

2.)  Increased Traffic

As the rankings increase, so increases the potential traffic to your website.  Our internet marketing experts have the knowledge and expertise to implement the necessary and appropriate methods to boost that potential traffic. This is really just the opposite side of the coin from increased rankings.  The better the rankings, the better the potential for increased traffic to your site.  However, what is critical is that the traffic being exposed to your site is actually interested in what your company has to offer them.  Our search engine marketing consultants can help you to determine which search terms might be most beneficial to target so that the audience you are being exposed to is interested in your product or service.

3.)  Increased Conversion Rate

The third stage in our three-part process involves converting that traffic into paying customers for your business. We partner with you to improve both the structure of your website (it’s navigation) and the content that it contains.  More and more, the search engines are looking for good content and reward websites that are providing it in a well-structured way.  If the experience a visitor to your website has is a good one, and if they can navigate around the site easily, they’ll stay longer.  Google and the other search engines like that and your site will benefit from it.  That combined with the highly-targeted keywords mentioned in the earlier paragraph will give your site’s visitors the experience they were looking for when they entered their specific search term.  That’s exactly what we will accomplish as your partner in this process.

Increased Bottom Line

We here at Deur Digital, by following this three-step approach, can help you increase your ROI, your income, and your bottom line.  By channeling an audience that is looking for what your company offers to your optimized website, and giving them a good experience once they get there, your customer base will increase and along with it, your revenues.  Give us a call at (303) 255-3164 or better yet, fill out our Discovery Form and we will get back to you quickly with an analysis of where you’re at now and how we can help you get to where you want to be.