4 Pillars of Marketing for Restaurants

Internal Marketing

Internal marketing for restaurants refers to the process of marketing to those customers who you might consider “regulars”–those who patronize your restaurant on a regular or semi-regular basis. This is an untapped resource right in front of you which most restaurants don’t take advantage of. Don’t be one of those restaurants. See how you can maximize your revenue from your “regulars” by following the link below.

External Marketing

External marketing is the process whereby you attract new customers into your restaurant for the first time, giving your restaurant the option then to ‘anchor’ them as regulars via the techniques described in the ‘Internal Marketing’ section.  There are numerous methods of achieving this which you can learn more about by following the link below.


Reputation Marketing and Management is the third pillar of marketing for restaurants and is becoming more and more important every year.  Ignoring it can and will keep people away from your restaurant and you’ll do so at your own peril.  A wise restauranteur realizes the importance of reputation and proactively manages it. See why it’s important and how to take charge of it by following the link below.

Social Media

The final pillar in a cohesive restaurant marketing approach is social media management. This often ties in with reputation marketing and the two can work together synergistically. However, managing social media can be time-consuming and many restaurant owners don’t really know how to utilize social media to their greatest advantage.  Fortunately, there are solutions which can manage this for the restaurant owner, freeing up time for other ‘service-related’ concerns. Follow the link below to learn more.

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What You As a Restauranteur Need To Know...

As a restaurant owner or manager you know there are three core ways to increase revenue for your business.

  1. Increase prices – Not so popular with your customers
  2. Attract new customers and “hope” they come back – can be expensive, and it’s not effective.
  3. Encourage your customers to buy from you more often.

We’ll be revealing some secrets to making options two and three very doable and effective, and with a measurable ROI.

The restaurant industry is unique in the sense that, unless you are a well-known name in your area, are some sort of celebrity chef, or have culinary awards or honors, it is often a constant struggle to both bring new customers through your doors for the first time, and then keep them coming back.

In fact, the three biggest challenges facing restaurants in today’s market are:

  • More business on slow days
    • Keeping the restaurant full, especially during non-peak hours
  • Increasing repeat business
    • Building a loyal tribe of repeat customers
  • Effective advertising
    • Advertising channels that are cost-effective and actually produce a noticeable response.

Studies have shown that it costs 6 to 7 times more to obtain a new customer than it does to get an existing customer to buy from you again.

Further studies are revealing in what they show about expectation for a previous guest to return.  These are what statistical data reveal:

  • 40% chance a first-time visitor will return a second time, even if the first experience was flawless
  • 42% chance a second-time visitor will return a third time.
  • Over 70% chance a third-time visitor will return a fourth time.

What this tells us is that you need to market to your potential customer at least three times in order for them to become a regular patron of your restaurant.  This assumes that the experience is good each time.  The other option is what we call “HOPE” marketing—if I can get them through the door once, then we’ll hope they come back.  That’s not effective and there are better ways.

We believe these four key pillars, when approached with a well-designed plan, will work synergistically to build a loyal customer base which will continue to revisit your restaurant time and time again, increasing your revenue and your bottom line.

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