Facebook Messenger Marketing

Perhaps the Best Advancement in Marketing Since...Forever!

We’re not sure how you came to this page but you may very well have ended up here via our Facebook Messenger bot.

If you did, then you were shown a very simple yet effective use of this newer technology. Experts are predicting that messenger bot usage is going to explode in the coming years and you can get ahead of the curve by implementing this unique tool to increase your customer base, and more importantly, your bottom line.

We are convinced that, even though the other techniques we offer are extremely effective at increasing revenue, this particular approach of using messenger bots and automation to generate business is one of the most effective ways to get new people through your door for the first time and then, alone or in conjunction with our other systems, to market to them in an ongoing manner.  Just look at some of these statistics comparing traditional email marketing to Facebook Messenger Marketing.


You may ask yourself “What is a ‘bot?” and “Why should I care?”

Simply put, a Facebook Messenger bot is a tool within the Facebook platform which allows automated (as well as direct) conversations between a user or ‘Messenger Bot subscriber’ and the administrator of the Facebook page within which the Messenger bot resides.

By driving traffic to these ‘bots’ using a variety of tactics and channels, one can build a list of subscribers and capture data such as the users name, gender, age, email address, Facebook ID–and even their birthday if they entered that data into their Facebook page.


Once this customer data is collected, the sky is the limit in terms of how your restaurant can market to these subscribers on an ongoing basis.

You can…

  • Send coupons, special offerings, notices of upcoming events, etc.
  • Set up a loyalty program. – give them a reason to come back.
  • Solicit reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc. – boost your reputation.
  • Solicit Facebook likes or shares. – get the work out about your restaurant.
  • Encourage Facebook or Yelp “check-ins” – great for exposure.

The true power of this tool, however, lies within its automation capabilities, whose effectiveness is limited only by its implementation and the imagination of its designer.

We here at Deur Digital specialize in designing effective implementations of this technology with the goal of continually building a customer base, marketing to them on an ongoing basis, maximizing revenue growth and ROI for our clients, all the while making the whole process transparent and, for the most part, completely hands off and automatic.  It’s almost “set it and forget it”.

To see an example of the power of the technology, follow this link to access a demonstration of its versatility.