External Marketing For Restaurants

How to Get New Customers Through Your Door

We like to differentiate between “Internal” and “External” marketing strategies as, in the first case, marketing to those customers who already like, trust, and love your restaurant, and in the second case, marketing to those who have either never visited or are unaware of your restaurant.

There are numerous ways for a restaurant to gain exposure in the local space.  Many restaurants use services such as Groupon, Living Social, local mailers, coupons, etc. to entice customers to come in for the first time, and these services are a good marketing channel for getting exposure to that first-time customer.

But then what? How do you get them to come back…another Groupon offer with more split profits?

Too many restaurants rely on what we call “hope” marketing: let’s just HOPE we wowed them enough to come back again, that they’re not just a onetime deal-seeker.

Furthermore, do you know what your ROI is on an investment into something like Groupon or Living Social?

Do you know which customers are actually spending money with you and which ones are simply taking advantage of your deals without spending anything extra?

Probably not.

You’re offering a good deal at a great discount and then splitting that revenue (probably 50%) with the service, you have no idea what your ROI is, AND you have no way of communicating with that customer again. That’s HOPE marketing.

Fortunately there is a better way.

What if we captured your customer’s data: their email, their cell-phone number, or even their Facebook ID via Facebook Messenger?

Now you’re building a database of customers you can market to directly, and via the most effective communication channels today: email marketing, text-message marketing, and via messenger apps.

What if we could send offers to that customer list whenever you wanted, perhaps on a typically slow night or period?  Maybe you brought in some special product which didn’t move like you’d hoped. Now your food costs are rising. You could give your chefs a chance to be creative, make something special from that extra product, and let your customers know about it. Simple solutions to typical restaurant problems.

Would you like to be able to track who took you up on your offer, how much they spent, and what your overall ROI was for that offer?

Would you like to know the demographics of who took you up on your offer; their age, their gender, their social habits, etc.?

Would that type of data be valuable to your restaurant?

I’m guessing yes.

The options to collect that customer data are many and varied.   You can utilize Facebook advertising to capture customer data via a form or directly via Facebook Messenger—and you can collect a lot of extra valuable data via FB Messenger—or you could utilize our Social WiFi service to gather this information automatically when you offer free WiFi at your location [click here to get information on how Social WiFi can really transform your business].

You may choose to place a form on your website or even on Facebook to capture this information, and this can be another effective method, especially when combined with a compelling offer.

However you choose to capture this data—and you can use some or all of them at the same time—this is now an asset for your business.  It’s not just a list of names, email addresses, phone number, or FaceBook IDs, it’s an actual asset–a group of people you can market to in an ongoing manner.

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