Social WiFi

Maximize Your ROI for Something You're Already Offering...Or Should Be!!

Do You Offer Free WiFi for your patrons?


If you don’t, you most definitely should!

If you do, would you like to capitalize on that fact and make it an investment in your business instead of simply an ongoing expense?

You have an untapped resource right within your walls if you offer free WiFi.

Would you like to be able to:

  1. Automatically generate a list of your customers you could market to on an ongoing basis?
  2. Take control of your reputation and generate good reviews easier than ever (On Yelp, Facebook, or even TripAdvisor)?
  3. Generate Facebook ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ on autopilot, increasing your social footprint?
  4. Get feedback or surveys from your guests automatically?
  5. Put a video ad highlighting your business right in front of your customers when they access your free WiFi?
  6. Offer loyalty programs and/or coupons to get more engagement and sales from your patrons?
  7. Capitalize on the enormous power of “check-ins” on Facebook or Yelp to maximize your exposure to your potential customers?
  8. Offer your customers an easy way to download an app for your business?
  9. Would you like to know who visits, when they visit, what their gender is, what their age is, and even when their birthday is—hint: people celebrating birthdays often dine out and almost always bring friends with them to celebrate.

Can you see the value in any (or all) of those possibilities?

These are just a few of the things you could take advantage of by utilizing the power of Free Social WiFi.

And it’s such a simple solution and implementation which delivers results you wouldn’t imagine.

How It Works in a Nutshell

    1. Your patron connects to your free WiFi using one of several options: Facebook login, email login, mobile-phone number login, and/or other preferred options.
    2. You immediately engage with your patron and offer a promotion, a coupon, a video highlighting your establishment…perhaps offering a discount for a Facebook check-in, Like, or Share…the options are endless—and optional.
    3. Now you’ve collected contact information from your patron. You can follow up with them to offer more reasons to come back, more reasons to leave a review, more reasons to share their good experience with their friends.  The possibilities are open to your creativity.


Contact Us today to see how this simple system can increase engagement and ultimately, your bottom line. You’ll be amazed!